Good News: Obamacare Enrollment ‘Surge’ Via State Exchanges

The Los Angeles Times assembled Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers from several states and determined that we might be in the midst of a surge in Americans signing up for health insurance under the newly formed exchanges. Here’s where some of those states are at the moment:


On top of 31,000 Californians who enrolled during the tumultuous month of October, the enrollment rate has doubled in the first half of November. If Covered California keeps up this pace, the state will reach its enrollment goal for the year.


Enrollment tripled in the second half of October.

Washington State

Enrollment will surpass October with ease.

Connecticut and Kentucky

Both states are exceeding enrollment goals. In Kentucky, the ACA is hugely successful.

New York

Maintaining its strong October enrollment pace.

Non-exchange states

Lagging behind, of course, are the tantrum-throwing Republican-governed states where exchanges weren’t established. If the GOP governors in those states actually cared to set up marketplaces, enrollment numbers would be stronger. Instead, as I wrote earlier today, they’d rather sabotage the federal exchange by flooding it with more customers. That said, it’s important to reiterate that applications from nearly 1.5 million Americans have been processed by the federal government, despite doomsaying and propaganda from the far-right and the traditional press.
According to The Hill, the notorious federal exchange website is now operating at a less than 1 percent error rate. That’s insanely good.

Now, I’m positive the usual suspects won’t scrap the “Obamacare is a Failed Law” narrative any time soon. The concern-trolling and agitprop will continue regardless of how well things turn out.

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