Quote of the Day: Rob Ford Goes for the Easy Blame (Updated with Ford’s Latest Caught-on-Video F*ck-Up)

“Typical media. You guys are all the same. You’re all cut from the same cloth. You can spin it any way you want.”

— Toronto Mayor, late-night punchline, and heart-attack-waiting-to-happen Rob Ford during an interview with CNN’s Bill Weir

I come from Miami, where the general attitude about local politicians is that they can lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, get into arguments with their opponents while brandishing handguns, rig elections, whatever — as long as people are getting their garbage picked up on time and they’re seen on TV hugging little kids. It’s for this reason that I’m not surprised in the least that while the rest of us are mercilessly mocking the unfathomable train-wreck that is Rob Ford, the people who really count — the people, his constituency — seem to still embrace him. I’m not one of those people, the members of that constituency, so therefore I don’t care one way or the other whether Ford stays or goes; his presence in local politics in Toronto isn’t an affront to me in any way and if anything I kind of want to thank him for making Canada as interesting a place as it’s likely ever going to be.

But I will say something about Ford taking the cheap and predictable tack of throwing down the gauntlet against the media. It sounds especially outrageous coming from somebody like Ford because, as much as he may make himself red in the face disagreeing, this isn’t a bullshit scandal he’s immersed in right now. He really did smoke crack, then lie about it, then try to tap dance around the truth and hedge his ass off until he was forced to come out and admit what everyone already knew. But even now, as Bill Weir says to him in the CNN interview, he’s basically just pulling a lot of Clintonian semantic nonsense trying to dodge the questions being leveled at him in regard to his drinking and drug use — and all the personal indignation in the world isn’t going to distract from the shit-storm he brought on himself.

The media can occasionally engage in feeding frenzies that blow things out of proportion, create false narratives, and damage innocent people. This isn’t one of those times. The press doesn’t need to make Rob Ford look like a laughingstock — he does a fine job of that all by himself.

Adding: No sooner had I posted this than, well… this:

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