Youtube Classic: Watch Louis CK Repeatedly Ask Donald Rumsfeld Whether He is a Lizard

Louis CK might possibly be the funniest man in America. While on the Opie and Anthony show a couple of years, the comedian took part in an interview with Donald Rumsfeld. What happened next will go down in comedy history. If you haven’t seen this interview, and stop what you are doing for 17 minutes and check it out. This was Louis CK’s statement on his official Youtube channel:

“this is and (sic) EDITED VERSION of me as a guest on the Opie and Anthony show on Sirrius XM radio 202. I asked the former secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, if he and Dick CHeney are lizards from outerspace who eat human flesh, for example: Mexican babies. He did not answer the question directly. He did not deny it. Much was discussed. Anthony Cumia of the show was simultaneously asking some interesting political questions. Mister Rumsfeld was courteous, but he gave me no reason to doubt that he is a lizard.”

Check out the interview below:

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