Quote of the Day: This Is Why We Suck

“The shorthand explanation for what’s going on here is that everybody — the insurance companies, members of Congress, and Obama — is bullshitting.”

Jonathan Chait on the “Democratic freak-out” and the consequent plan by President Obama to adjust one of the main provisions of Obamacare

The president is now asking insurance companies to renew any policies canceled in the wake of the Affordable Care Act for a full year. He’s also apologizing for the issues — over-apologizing, unfortunately, as is his habit. “We fumbled the rollout on this health care law,” he said during a White House press conference today, hoping to calm the fears of the Democrats who’ve now jumped on the “All Is Lost” bandwagon.

We’re such pussies here in America. We really are. We expect everything to go smoothly and be convenient for us at all times and any time it doesn’t — such as, you know, when a brand new, unprecedented, massively comprehensive change in the way we get access to health insurance is introduced — we lose our fucking minds. It’s a little like what the Joker said in The Dark Knight: as long as things go according to plan, even if that plan is horrifying, we’re satisfied and go right along with it. We’re creatures of habit in the worst possible way.

The ACA is going to make things better for millions. Simple as that. But because getting there isn’t as easy as plopping our fat asses down on the couch and ordering a movie by remote on pay-per-view, we whine like babies who got our binkies yanked out of our mouths. Obama never should’ve had to reassure us that nothing was going to change and everyone was going to be happy at all times during this process because if that were the case it wouldn’t have been worth doing in the first place. He only did it because he knows the truth: we suck.

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