‘Open Carry Texas’ Thugs Joke That Gun Control Moms Want To Be Raped

Yesterday’sstory about an “open carry” pro-gun group gathering with military-style assault weapons outside a lunch meeting of four members of Moms Demand Action, a gun control organization, just became a lot creepier, if that’s even possible.

Via Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, the Open Carry Texas group posted the following message on its Facebook page:

So let’s see….

MDA constantly makes comments about gun owners penis size…….

MDA now claims our members wanted to choot and rape em…. (Lmmfao)

Moms Demand…..”Action” ???

Things that make you say, Hmmmmm

Get it? “Action?”

Just in case they delete it, Tommy grabbed a screen-cap of the Facebook post. But I seriously doubt the gunmen will ever delete it because they clearly wallow in the idea of terrorizing the moms.

So not only did these thugs show up armed with assault rifles to intimidate four unarmed moms having lunch, but now they’re joking (badly) about the moms wanting to be raped.

It began with Open Carry Texas lurking outside the restaurant with weapons that may or may not have been loaded (note the presence of locked magazines in the above photo). Then OCT posted the hashtag #Comeandtakeit to the MDA group, a not so veiled threat. And now this rape nonsense. All of this in response to a group that was formed in direct response to the Sandy Hook massacre.

Stay classy, gun nuts.

Adding… Choot?

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