Evil Kiwi Douchebags Brag About Gangraping Underage Girls on the Facebooks

Remember the good ‘ol days when after you were gangraped, you only had to relive the horror in your head for years on end, not see a play-by-play video of it on the Internet uploaded by your mocking, gleeful attackers?

Calling themselves “The Roast Busters” (which I don’t understand but is reportedly a play on the movie “The Ghostbusters,” which came out years before these little shits were born. Is “pig roast” New Zealand slang for a gangbang? I’m afraid to Google. And I nevertheless weep for the future.), these boastful, dumbass Auckland teenage boys posted gangbang videos on Facebook for two years of themselves attacking drunk girls as young as 13, according to The New York Daily News.

In addition to video, at least one boy offered rapin’ tips for fans via Facebook comment. Seventeen-year-old suspect Beraiah Hales is reportedly in hiding, but according to a story on stuff.co.nz, Hales:

“left an enormous social media footprint, including a profile on one website in which he answered thousands of anonymous questions, many of a sexual nature.

‘how would u get a girl? into bed [sic]’ asked one person four months ago.

‘Chloroform’ Hales responded.

‘What is a saying you say a lot?’ he was asked seven months ago.

‘Go ahead, Call the cops, [sic” Hales replied. ‘They can’t un-rape you.’

Nineteen of his friends ‘liked’ that chilling statement – girls as well as boys.”

A couple of the older Roast Busters have been questioned but no arrests have been made because, the police claimed, none of the alleged victims will come forward and press charges. Local TV news station 3 News previously speculated that the girls are too ashamed to talk to the police, and it appears that at least one of them doesn’t think she was raped.

“I just kept blacking out ’cause I had drunken too much,” local TV station 3 News quoted one alleged victim. “You could say I got raped. I had sex with three guys at one time.”

But lo and behold, a victim has come forward to tell the media that she was interviewed by the police about her alleged rape: two fucking years ago. And judging from her account, the police not only failed to unrape her, they reraped her, figuratively anyway.

From 3 News:

“She believes she was one of the first victims. Afterwards, she blamed herself. She stopped eating and it took weeks to tell her family. They immediately took her to the police, where she says she laid a complaint. Her brother handed over the boys’ names and addresses to the detective.

‘I had a video interview where I had to act out what had happened with dolls […] It was traumatising.’

But, apparently, it wasn’t enough. She said she felt like it was her word against the Roast Busters’.

‘They said that I didn’t have enough evidence to show, because I went out in clothes that was pretty much asking for it. […] I was asked a lot of questions about what I was wearing, and I went out in a skirt.’”

After a two-month investigation by Auckland Police – two years after their victim-shaming interview of one of the girls allegedly raped – the Roast Busters Facebook page finally came down, but Roast-related pages sprouted up in its place. One in support of the alleged rapists stated, “Appreciating the roast busters, putting b–ches in their place since ages ago. Outing the sluts giving them the treatment they deserve. Any sluts keen to get put on the spit or ganged feel free to comment everyone loves a good slut.”

The New York Daily News detailed additional semi-literate defenses of the club, quoting a supposed ex-girlfriend of a member who posted, “Everyone’s quick to judge by what they’ve seen on TV. The girls. Gave consent they weren’t raped. They even went back for more,” she wrote. “I’m not saying it’s right what they did. But quick to judge the boys. Plus no girl has even come forward about getting raped. The wrong thing was they were underage. But they still did it regardless.”

Well said, young lady! But the girls’ tender ages are just the tip of the iceberg of “wrong things” in this case, however. I hope public pressure prompts the police investigating these cases to right some of them.