Watch a Jaw-Dropping Chicago Hit and Run Go From Bad to Worse

The windy city is often associated with a lot of things: advertising agencies, Barack Obama, cold weather, bad pizza, good rap, the list goes on. One thing you wouldn’t expect to put on that list is bat-sh*t violence you would only ever see playing Grand Theft Auto. That is until a recent video surfaced on the internet which captured a Chicago hit and run that went, in all senses of the word, horrifically wrong.

According to the YouTube uploader, the incident occurred on the 1400 block of Belmont Avenue near Wrigley Field. If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that the driver of the black Nissan SUV apparently hit the white cab in front of them and tried to avoid exchanging insurance information. The cab driver, who was clearly unwilling to let this slide, stepped out of his car with some sort of club instrument demanding that the Nissan driver step out of their car and exchange insurance details.

To not rob you of the shock you’ll receive from watching the video, let’s just say that the ensuing carnage is simply jaw-dropping and clearly shows that even in the most peaceful neighborhoods of America, some nonsensical street rage can totally go down.

H/T Deadspin