Pope Francis: Great Pope, or the Greatest Pope?

I was born and raised Catholic, but I haven’t been part of organized religion since, roughly, the ’80s. But it doesn’t matter. Pope Francis is inspirational. This week alone, news broke that he’s been consulting with bishops worldwide about how to reach out to same-sex couples. And today, he did something that might make you cry — in a good way — so grab some tissues.

According to Buzzfeed, the Pope had just conducted a general audience at St. Peter’s and was leaving the square when he spotted a man with severe boils covering his head.

The Pope got out of his Popemobile and embraced the man, kissed the man on the forehead, Buzzfeed writes, then “laid his hands on the man’s head and began to pray.”

Fancy that. Leading by biblical example, showing the world what Jesus would’ve likely done rather than merely proselytizing and shaming “sinners.”

Bob Cesca is the managing editor for The Daily Banter, the editor of BobCesca.com, the host of the Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show podcast and a Huffington Post contributor.

Bob Cesca is the host of the Bob Cesca Show podcast, a twice weekly political talk show. He’s also a contributor to Salon.com. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.