Skydivers Jump Out of Two Planes Right After They Collide, All Caught On Camera [Video]

In a situation that seems more in cadence with an action movie montage than it does with reality, nine skydivers in Wisconsin had a brush with death when they were forced to jump out of their plane after it collided with another aircraft during a mid-air stunt.

Two single-engine planes were performing an aerial maneuver called a tracking dive when one of the divers noticed the aircrafts were, “too close”, resulting in an impact that sent one plane rocketing in one direction and the other ablaze in flames. The collision prompted the pilot of the burning plane to evacuate all of the skydivers aboard including himself, to which luckily he had an emergency parachute. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured and both the pilot, all of the skydivers, and the pilot of the other plane (who was able to land the damaged aircraft successfully) all made it safely to the ground.

The fact that everybody walked away relatively unscathed from the collision is nothing short of a miracle, especially considering the fact that flaming pieces of debris chased the divers down. One of the jumpers described barely avoiding a propeller blade as it swung by his head during his fall back down to Earth.

Even though this was a harrowing experience that almost ended in the deaths of more than nine people, one silver lining to all of this is that the entire incident was caught on five different GoPro cameras. You can watch the video below, courtesy of NBC.

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[image courtesy of NBCNews]