WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual ‘I Ate Your Halloween Candy Prank’ Proves to be Hilarious for Yet Another Year

Despite the gallons of tears it may elicit from children all over the country, Jimmy Kimmel‘s infamous ‘I Ate Your Halloween Candy Prank’ never seems to get old.

For those unfamiliar with this annual pranking tradition, it’s a hilarious activity that late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel encourages parents to do that involves duping their kids into thinking all of their hard-earned holiday spoils were eaten or thrown away. The parents then film the entire process of telling their children what they did, as well as what is typically the ensuing mental breakdown the kids have when they find out all of the candy they gathered is all gone.

Reactions have ranged from toddlers scolding their parents for being greedy or mean to full-on temper tantrums that involve copious amounts of tears or attempts to physically harm the person holding the camera.

Granted this sounds mean-spirited and generally pretty messed up to do (not going to lie, it kind of is) but the reactions the kids have are priceless and the parents always inform them that they were just kidding. After each Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel sorts through the many submissions various couples from across the country have given him and loops them into an entertaining montage that serves as a reminder that love for candy often trumps the love most kids have for their parents.

Here is this year’s Halloween prank video. Enjoy.