Another Baby With A Gun Accidentally Shoots Own Dad in Walmart Parking Lot

You might recall Rep. Steve Stockman’s (R-TX) tasteless bumper sticker suggesting that there’d be fewer abortions in the U.S. if babies were armed. If Stockman were capable of reading a newspaper, he’d realize that, yes, there are way too many armed babies who have shot their parents, siblings, friends or caregivers, often fatally. I’ve documented a timeline of these incidents here.

And we can add the following story to the grim roster of shootings.

An Arkansas man was shot on Saturday by his toddler son who, for some reason, was climbing into the car via the driver’s side door. That, in and of itself, seems odd. Why didn’t the boy’s dad lift him into the car and secure him in a car seat?

Anyway, it gets far worse.

The man, Monty Wheeler of Russellville, was carrying a loaded shotgun in the car — you know, to defend himself in the Thunderdome that is the Russellville Walmart parking lot. As the child was awkwardly climbing into the car, he evidently grabbed the shotgun, which discharged, shooting Wheeler in the back.

Another “responsible gun owner” shot by his own firearm, and another case in a long list of children pulling the trigger.

(via Raw Story)

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