WATCH THIS: Guy Fieri Fighting With His Hairdresser Is the Greatest Thing You Will Ever See

When I tell you that hack celebrity chef and douchebag Rosetta Stone Guy Fieri (née: just plain old Guy Ferry) got into a very public fight with his hairdresser, the correct response is — well, yeah, that makes sense.

But when you actually see that fight — in which hairdresser Ariel Ramirez kicks, punches, shouts, “Fuck you!” and eventually storms away crying, all while Fieri tries to calmly close the door of his SUV and make a hasty retreat from the nearby camera — something more than Guy simply and understandably coming to the realization that his haircut is ridiculous begins to take shape.

According to Fieri’s representative, the fight was just “dudes being dudes,” the result of a flight into San Francisco during which a lot of alcohol was consumed by both parties.

Uh-huh. Dudes being dudes. Yeah, brah — that’s it. Just a couple ‘a guys who had too many brewskis. Nothing to see here, man.

Remember a couple of years back when a former producer of Fieri’s accused him of being virulently homophobic?

That’s all starting to make sense now.

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