The Morning Banter: Mississippi’s Iranian Healthcare Solution, Obama Generation Less Racist, And No More Snoozing

Morning Banter readers, another day in the office, another day to skip those work emails and concentrate on the important things in life: Interesting crap on the internet.

Here’s what you need to be reading today:

Obama Generation Less Racist

John Sides at the WaPo takes a look at a new study that indicates the ‘Obama generation’ is inherently less racist than previous generations. The study asked some pretty nuanced questions, and the results are worth poring over.

Washington Post: How the Obama presidency may be changing young people’s views of race

Iranian Healthcare in Mississippi? 

Yep, you read that right. Health care groups in the southern state are looking at the Iranian model of healthcare in attempts to bring the state into the 21st century of health care provision (ie. actually delivering health care to everyone in the state).

NBC News: Curing Mississippi’s blues with Iranian care?

Guardian Live Blogs Katherine Sebelius’s Obamacare Website Apology

If you really want to check out a live blog of a politician groveling in front of Congress, the Guardian has that going on right now. There’s no doubt the Obama administration messed up on, and they’re taking some serious heat for it. (you can actually watch it on the Huff Post too here).

Guardian: Health secretary answers to Congress over healthcare website glitches – live

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

Apparently it fucks up your sleep cycle and productive wakefulness. For real.

Pacific Standard: The Devil Is in Your Snooze Button

Have a good one folks….

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