“I No Longer Love Blue Skies. I Prefer Grey Skies. The Drones Don’t Fly When The Skies Are Grey”

The surviving members of a Pakistani family, who were hit by CIA drone attack in 2012, travelled to Washington DC at the behest of Representatives member Alan Grayson to give their testimony in front of US Congressmen yesterday. The attack killed their 67 year old grandmother while she was tending her garden and failed to hit any militants, so the Rehman family came to America to ask why.

Regardless of whether you think the US should use drones in warfare, the testimony of an innocent family whose lives were ruined by a botched attack is hard to stomach. 13 year old Zubair Rehman’s testimony is chilling, and a terrifying insight into what life is like for those affected by US attacks in Pakistan. “I no longer love blue skies,” he told the four members of Congress who showed up. “I prefer grey skies. The drones don’t fly when the skies are grey”.

From the RT network:

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