The Morning Banter: Lou Reed Remembered, Stalking Shep’s Boyfriend, VCR Art

Another Monday is here and you know what that means: back to the grind, boys and girls. Here’s a little something to distract you from the pain.

1. “Satellite’s Gone Up To the Skies”

This morning’s “Now Hear This” post will have more on the life of Lou Reed. For now, though, this is the best piece I’ve found so far in reaction to the very sad news of his death — penned by legendary punk chronicler Legs McNeil

The Daily Beast: What Lou Reed Was Really Like: Legs McNeil’s Tribute to the Velvet Underground Legend/10.27.13

2. Channel Y

Later today, ABC and Disney will launch a brand new news network aimed specifically at the millennial audience. If you thought that’s what Twitter was, well, I can assure you you’re not alone.

The Huffington Post/Reuters: Fusion, ABC News’ New Venture Targeting Millenials, Gears Up For Launch/10.27.13

3. Manhunt

Last week I wrote a piece in response to Gawker’s public outing of Shepard Smith, basically asking why it would matter that he’s gay. As of last week, maybe Gawker could’ve gotten away with saying that it was simply reporting in detail on an item that essentially had nothing to do with Shep’s sexual orientation. Now, though? Now the site is really digging for information on his sex life — and reaching new depths of tawdriness.

Slate: Why Is Gawker Stalking Shepard Smith’s Alleged Boyfriend?/10.25.13

4. Adjust Tracking

Here’s the strangest, most subtly unsettling, and in some ways most beautiful thing you’re likely to see all day. It’s a video made by artist Luke Wyatt, who smacks an old VCR with a shoe and records and “remixes” the results. What he creates out of it is something he calls “video mulch,” and it’s got the kind of hallucinatory feel of the culture-jamming antics of Negativland.

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