Benghazi’s Back! (As If It Ever Left)

I’m going to start making t-shirts that read “Benghazi!” stylized like those silly “Bazinga!” t-shirts that fans of the inexplicably popular show The Big Bang Theory are always wearing. I figure I’ll make a fortune off the Fox News crowd.

In case you haven’t heard, 60 Minutesran a piece last night that seemed to suggest there are still lingering questions about the military response to the Banghazi embassy attack 13-months ago. In the report, Lara Logan talks with an anonymous British security officer as well as with former deputy chief of mission Greg Hicks, who claims to have been shocked to find out during the siege on the embassy that U.S. troops wouldn’t be coming to help. It just about goes without saying that this morning the entire conservative media apparatus is running victory laps, trumpeting the report as proof supposedly that it’s been right all along in obsessively trying to turn the attack in Benghazi into a pitch-black political scandal it can pin on Barack Obama.

Today Lindsey Graham, who just a few months back was humming a conciliatory melody on Capitol Hill in the wake of threats to filibuster Obama’s appointments just for the hell of it, took to Fox News to announce that he won’t confirm a soul Obama nominates for anything until this whole Benghazi thing is settled to the satisfaction of the Republicans in Congress (hint: it never will be). What this means is that we can count on more relentless obstruction from the Republicans, pushed along by the conservative entertainment complex they take their cues from and out of fear of being primaried by people even crazier than they are, as they spin tragedy into political gold.

By the way, it’ll surprise no one to learn that the Benghazi claims in the 60 Minutes report have been put forth — and quickly debunked — more than once over the past year.

Here’s Media Matters:

Contrary to Hicks’ claims, military assets were on their way. Shortly after the attack began, a Marine anti-terrorist team in Spain and special operations teams in Croatia and the United States were ordered to deploy. But the Marines arrived in Tripoli, Libya, roughly 11 hours after the last Americans had been successfully evacuated from Benghazi, while the special operations teams reached a staging base in Italy at around that same time.

The quoted article goes on to offer a point-by-point rebuttal to the right’s claim that our guys were basically left to die, laid out by the United States’ top military people.

I’ve said this before but it really does bear repeating: Despite the passionate, outraged cries from the right, Benghazi isn’t the worst tragedy since 9/11. It’s barely even the worst tragedy since the last dozen or so deadly attacks on one of our embassies in the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa in the past decade. Not to dismiss the deaths of four people, including a U.S. ambassador, but there’s something that needs to be said over and over again as the Republicans continue this ridiculous farce in search of a legitimate scandal: While absolutely tragic, what happened in Benghazi is a relatively by-the-numbers incident. The United States has made the choice to attempt to undertake diplomacy in some very dangerous places, and violence against the dedicated men and women stationed in those areas is, as callous as this sounds, the cost of doing business.

If a Republican had been in the White House when Benghazi happened — and this attack and the immediate administration response to it would’ve been largely the same regardless — none of this would be going on right now. Fox News would be shouting down anyone who dared to ask questions and calling that person a traitor guilty of giving aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war.

But Obama and Clinton were at the helm, and Obama of course is secretly trying to destroy our country from within as the Koran has instructed him to, so you get this — this never-ending nonsense.