Now Hear This: Join Cults

The ascendence of Cults to the major label big leagues is one of the best examples yet of the complete musical and cultural dominance of the Brooklyn indie scene. Brooklyn is no longer just a place, an also-ran to its mighty Manhattan neighbor — it’s a full-fledged state of mind these days.

Cults came out of the stew that created so many other hipster band-crushes a few years back, but to their credit there truly is something special about them and maybe that’s why they were quickly picked up by Columbia. The duo proves that sometimes a little moneyed polishing from the folks in the ivory towers of music can be a good thing, because it really helps bring out the lo-fi atmospherics on their new album, Static.

The first single from the album is intoxicating in the most David Lynchian kind of way, without being so out-there that’s it’s a turn-off.

Here’s High Road.

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