Now Hear This: That Song from the “Breaking Bad” Finale Ad

In the week before the final episode of Breaking Bad, AMC ran a pretty stellar commercial that brought together images from the past five seasons and summed up not only Walter White’s pitch-black journey but those of the characters whose lives he’d destroyed along the way. The whole thing was set to a simple but slowly building track whose lyrics seemed to ask the perfect questions going into the show’s series finale: “What would you do if it all came back to you?” “What would you say if you had to leave today?”

The song was from the Swedish band Junip. Their frontman is José González, who’s played with Zero 7 in the past and has released some truly exceptional solo material, including the song he did for Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption soundtrack, Far Away.

Do yourself a favor and pick up the full Junip record. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s Line of Fire.