It’s Just Another School Shooting

This isn’t going to get more than maybe a couple hundred hits. I’ll be fucking shocked if it gets even that many, actually. And yet I feel like I have to post it because even though we don’t claim to be the paper of record here at the Banter, when a teacher is killed and two students wounded in yet another school shooting in this country, it deserves at least some copy. It deserves to not go by without one single mention because — and I challenge anyone reading this to claim otherwise — we just don’t care anymore. We can’t care. It’ll make us crazy if we do.

Our pain threshold for this sort of thing is so high now that we barely notice if it isn’t an all-out massacre anymore. A kid pulls out a gun he got from his parents, blows away a teacher and shoots two other students then kills himself? Eh. Call me when we hit at least six dead, then I can be shocked.

Another SWAT team descends on another American school; dozens of terrified children flash across our TV screens; details trickle out about how another kid somehow managed to get his hands on a deadly firearm and use it to end the lives of others and himself; the usual questions are asked about who he was, why he did what he did, was he literally gunning for someone in particular or simply firing into a group of children indiscriminately? We just accept it by now. We turn the pillow over to the cool side and go back to sleep. What the hell else can we do?

True, the headline at right now touts the latest on the shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada and there was indeed quite a bit of cable news coverage earlier this afternoon. But the headline at the Huffington Post almost all day has been “URUGUAY TO SELL $1-A-GRAM WEED!” I shit you not. Oh well — priorities, I guess.

The teacher killed today, 45-year-old Michael Landsberry, was a former Marine and an Afghanistan vet. Everyone says he was a great guy.

The 12-year-old shooter, according to friends, had been bullied at school.

You know — the usual.

These things happen.

Chez Pazienza was the beating heart of The Daily Banter, sadly passing away on February 25, 2017. His voice remains ever present at the Banter, and his influence as powerful as ever.