173 Reasons Why Maddox’s “I Hate Buzzfeed” Is the Best Buzzfeed Takedown Yet*

Late yesterday it was announced that Buzzfeed has hired Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Schoofs to head up its new investigative division. What this means is that you can now start the clock and count down the time before Schoofs goes public with his complaints about how Buzzfeed is taking his good work and distilling it down to a series of dumb lists aimed at people with the attention span of a gnat. (Buzzfeed will then take these complaints and turn them into a list called “The Top 13 Ways Mark Schoofs Wants To Kill His Buzzfeed Editors.”) That’s because thorough, time-consuming journalism and Buzzfeed go together like honey and dogshit.

A lot of people have attempted to use Buzzfeed’s own pithy “listicle” format to beat up on the site — we even did it here for a while — but few have hit it with the visceral impact Maddox packs. That would be Maddox, of “The Best Page in the Universe” fame, a site that’s been an internet staple for years and years now. Nobody unleashes smart, acidic venom like Maddox, and he’s in fine form as he tears apart, piece by piece, the lack of sourcing, the cynical demographic targeting, and the general cultural cancer that is Buzzfeed.

*Ripped-off directly from Hypervocal.com as a tribute to Buzzfeed (although at least I sourced)

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