Now Hear This: Assemble Your Crew, Prince Is Back To Make You Pancakes

That Prince is a genius is beyond argument. That it was a stroke of genius for Prince to use the image of Dave Chappelle dressed as him for the cover of his new record is also beyond argument.

Putting aside the notoriously reclusive and self-serious Prince’s decision to, maybe for the first time in his career, make us laugh out loud, the new single from the man is everything you’d expect. It’s funky, it’s sexy, it’s cool as hell — it’s Prince.

I’m not sure we’ll ever get another album like, say, Sign ‘O’ the Times or Purple Rain, but it hardly matters — every time Prince releases something into the musical bloodstream of America it’s cause for celebration.

Here’s Breakfast Can Wait. (And when he rhymes it with, “You can’t leave a black man in this state,” it is glorious.)

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