North Korea’s Hilariously Obvious Photoshopped Image of Kim Jong Un

North Korea has a track record of over-the-top badly produced propaganda. Remember the video that recycled video from Call of Duty 4 to depict New York City under attack? There’s also a video that shows President Obama covered with an unrealistic computer generated fire effect. And now, North Korea’s state run media has released what could be the most ridiculous Photoshop job we’ve seen in quite a while, especially coming from a world leader.

Here we see Kim Jong Un flanked by various other officials while visiting what appears to be a construction site or an apartment complex:

There are so many giveaways, but clearly the humans were superimposed into the shot. They don’t cast any shadows and Kim Jong Un’s left foot looks like a penguin flipper or a claw of some sort.

Just for fun, I photoshopped myself into the shot.

Here’s a version featuring the widely photoshopped picture of Scarlett Johansson falling down.

Of course we laugh now. But these people have a nuclear bomb.

Adding… North Korea has a history of badly photoshopped images.

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