The Morning Banter: Obamacare Good For Small Business, Antarctica Program Gone, Lena Dunham Milks a Cow

Happy Friday people, it’s the last day of the week so no need to do any real work. Only 8 hours till you’re off and drinking/flirting/bantering with your work colleagues at your local watering hole. Anyway, kill some time by reading what’s good on the internets:

Obamacare is Good For Small Business

The co-working space ‘1776’ has a good piece outlining ways in which Obamacare is actually good for small business, despite the Republican’s incessant screaming that it ‘hurts entrepreneurs’. (Side note: it should now be a general rule of thumb that whatever the GOP says about pretty much anything, the EXACT OPPOSITE is actually true). This isn’t to say Obamacare is perfect – but it doesn’t hurt small business owners, particularly startups. Four Ways ObamaCare will Impact Startups

More Cut Back Bullshit: US Antarctic  Program Shutting Down

The US used to be a pro-science nation – the first country to put a man on the moon, and the birthplace of the light bulb. Now, it seriously debates whether ‘intelligent design’ is a proper scientific theory (spoiler: it isn’t), and is shutting down research centers in Antarctica – a place where scientists are gathering incredibly valuable data on things like climate change and ocean flow patterns. A worker in one of the research centers that has now gone into ‘care taker’ status due to massive cuts in the budget wrote a heart breaking blog post on the site ‘Ice White And Blue’, ending with the following salvo directed at those responsible:

I do not know what my future is. Few of us do.

But I do know one thing for sure: Who to blame.

Fuck the fucking Republicans for getting us into this mess with their intransigent selfish right wing ideological idiocy.

Fuck them for fucking up one of the most amazing things in the world, the US Antarctic Program.

Fuck. Them.

Ice White And Blue: *contains offensive language

Andrew Sullivan Remembers the Pro Torturers  

Andrew Sullivan wrote a great piece on his site yesterday on the depravity of the ‘pro torture right’, urging everyone to remember the names of those who sponsored an event at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan Monday night to roast the former vice president, where many of the jokes centered around water boarding.

The Dish: The Depravity Of The Pro-Torture Right

Lena Dunham Milks a Cow in NYC

Apparently, Lena Dunham milking a cow in the meatpacking district of NYC has something to do with Billy Eichner’s Funny or Die show. Either way, what a great pic….

Have a great weekend folks!

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