Now Hear This: HoneyHoney Should Be One of Your Favorite Bands

HoneyHoney are an indie-roots duo from here in L.A. whose first video from a couple of years back was directed by Keifer Sutherland. When I posted the clip over at my blog, I joked that if I’d gone to high school with the band’s singer, Suzanne Santo, I probably would’ve been secretly drawing little hearts with our names inside them all over my folders.

Her voice is smoky and sexy, and when coupled with a banjo, electric guitar and a two-piece garage-style drum kit it can convey the desperation of an outlaw on the run or the sensuality of an animal on the prowl.

These guys are sincerely all kinds of awesome.

From their most recent EP, the appropriately titled Billy Jack, here’s Thin Line, performed live.

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