The Morning Banter: Wendy Davis vs. the Boys, Giant Hornets, and Del Toro’s “Treehouse of Horror”

It’s Friday and that means you’re going to need something to occupy your time while you’re waiting for the right moment to duck out of work early. That’s where our morning reading list comes in.

1. Bully Fighter

Wendy Davis says she’s going to run for governor of Texas. What’s she up against? Well, yesterday on NPR a columnist for the Dallas Morning News said it would probably help her out to “shoot a dove and say a prayer.” But what she’s really going to go up against is the Texas Boys Club, the one that’s already tried to dismiss and diminish her. But that could actually be a blessing for her politically.

Time: Wendy Davis, Mysogyny Magnet/10.3.13

2. Seeing Red

I wouldn’t recommend going from outlet to outlet to see what the right-wing media are saying about the government shutdown. Suffice it to say, it’s about as horrific and infuriating as you’d expect. Salon has put together the “worst of.”

Salon: Right-wing Media on Shutdown: “Let the Crisis Continue”/10.3.13

3. Not the Bees!

Well, here’s a little something to terrify the hell out of you. Somewhere in China, something has bubbled up from the ground and the local hornets have begun feeding on it. Where’s Marjoe Gortner when you need him?

The Huffington Post: Giant Hornets Are Killing People in China/10.3.13

4. Going Homer

This Sunday, The Simpsons will air its annual Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror,” and this time around they gave the always-entertaining opening credits to director Guillermo Del Toro.

Vulture: Watch Guillermo Del Toro’s “Treehouse of Horror” Intro/10.3.13

Have a good day and a good weekend, kids.

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