Listening Post: Iggy Pop Does Sinatra

CBGB, the movie, opens in limited release today, bringing the story of the legendary Lowest East Side rock club to the masses. Admittedly, it’ll probably be fun to see Taylor Hawkins play Iggy Pop, Justin Bartha try his hand at Stiv Bators, and Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint taking on the Dead Boys’ Cheetah Crome — with Alan Rickman as ringmaster Hilly Kristal — but any self-respecting former snot-nosed punk will tell you that it can’t beat the real thing.

To that, NYU has collected dozens of hours of footage from the real CBGB, Mudd Club, and Danceteria era and put it all together for a project called the Nightclubbing archive. Among the clips from the distant past NYU has managed to bring together, there’s this one, something very few people have ever seen.

It’s Iggy Pop doing the great One for My Baby, popularized by Frank Sinatra, live at Hurrah’s.

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