WATCH: Chuck Todd Tries and Fails to Challenge Lies About Congress Being Exempt from Obamacare

You might recall how Chuck Todd recently said that it’s not really the job of the press to challenge congressional Republicans on misleading statements about Obamacare. He later clarified in a tweet that he meant it wasn’t the job of the press to sell the law to public.

Either way, Todd attempted to confront Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) about the ongoing lie that Congress is exempted from Obamacare.

With no help from Todd, Cotton admitted that indeed Congress and staffers are required to buy insurance on the exchanges. Cotton went on to refer to the rule allowing the government to continue paying 75 percent of the premiums as a “special deal” — which Cotton is opposed to in spite of the fact that Speaker John Boehner lobbied the White House for the deal.

Todd also totally failed to ask how in the world this “special deal” can be construed and contorted into Congress being somehow exempt from the law. Congress absolutely has to be on Obamacare and, as with any employer who chooses to do so, the government is helping its congressional employees with the cost of the premiums.

To that point, Cotton also lied about the government being the “only employer” to help pay Obamacare premiums for congressional staffers. Any employer can do it if they choose.

The only thing Todd pointed out contrary to Cotton was that it was Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) who proposed the amendment requiring Congress to use the exchanges.

So at least there’s that. Otherwise, it was another Chuck Todd fact-checking fail.

Bob Cesca is the managing editor for The Daily Banter, the editor of, the host of the Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show podcast and a Huffington Post contributor.

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