Quote of the Night: This Is Why Our Government Has Shut Down

“I think the reason is because President Obama can’t wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care. Because, once they enroll millions of more individual Americans it will be virtually impossible for us to pull these benefits back from people.”

— Michele Bachmann in an interview with World Net Daily

Yes, it seems unfair to pick on Michele Bachmann because she’s a) crazy, and b) stupid. Also, relatively sane Republicans would argue that she’s a living, breathing straw man, a caricature that in no way represents the whole of the party and is therefore a cheap and easy shot to take. Except that Bachmann is actually the perfect person to quote right about now, as the inner workings of the most powerful country on earth largely come to a grinding halt and it’s once again proven that America is, at this moment in its history, completely ungovernable.

She’s the right person to quote because she and those like her are precisely why our government has stopped functioning, both figuratively and literally. A small but inexplicably powerful group of political terrorists — absolute in their moral certitude, representative of only a tiny fraction of the electorate, and willing to burn it all to the ground if it means even the possibility of tying the whole mess around the neck of their political enemy — has hijacked the entire country and the result is one of the most embarrassing, infuriating chains of events in the recent history of this nation.

Bachmann never should have had a voice in government. Bachmann should barely be allowed to work at a McDonalds, let alone be tasked with making decisions that have the potential to affect millions. And yet her voice is in fact representative of a hard-line right wing that’s been able to bring this country to its knees for far too long, all in the service of its irrational, insatiable hatred of Barack Obama.

Why the above quote? Why is it worth highlighting right now? Because it flawlessly sums up what the Tea Party Republicans are about and why they’re doing this, and it tips their hand and gives all of us a good look at why they’re so afraid of the Affordable Care Act. They’re afraid of it because they know it will work. They know Americans will want to be a part of it, and once everyone sees that, their charade is up and their power is gone. Not only will they never be able to retract the accepted law of the land, they themselves will be hopelessly screwed because millions will look at them and demand to know why they worked so hard to stop something that does so much good for so many.

So they keep right on blowing their racial dog whistles for their terrified hillbilly constituency, giving interviews to lunatic paranoiacs and drawing unsubtle images of Barack Obama as a guy dealing “crack cocaine” to the innocent from the shadows, pushing Marxist socialism on the masses. They go right on letting Michele Bachmann speak their version of reality, which is of course in no way tethered to actual reality. They’ve ruined this country. Destroyed it from the inside out. Made us a worldwide laughingstock.

We’ve allowed a couple of dozen petulant children — and the idiots who root for their success and the failure of the adults — to take over the school. No wonder we’re so fucked right now.