A Pox on Both Your Houses: MSM Brings False Equivalency to Shutdown Story

The folks over at Think Progress have a story up noting how the mainstream media are bringing their typical “pox on both your houses” approach to reporting on a government shutdown caused by House Republicans’ temper tantrum over Obamacare.  Some examples of the MSM’s “balanced” headlines:

The Washington Post:

In shutdown blame game, Democrats and Republicans united: It’s the other side’s fault


Shutdown: Obama and Republicans Trade Blame as Deadline is Crossed

Fox News:

House Republicans in last-ditch effort to avert shutdown

So we wondered how headlines about historical events might look if the American media applied the same false equivalency.  A few possibilities:

“Whodunit? John Wilkes Booth, Mary Todd Lincoln both just inches away when president was shot”

“FDR’s refusal to negotiate prompts Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor”

“Distrust between Nixon, Dems leads to burglary at Watergate”

“Al Qaeda, Bush administration trade blame over twin towers’ collapse; Bin Laden faults buildings’ design”

Feel free to suggest your own possibilities in the comments.