The Morning Banter: Breaking Bad Ends, The Looming Shutdown, and SNL’s Bad Night

Another Monday morning is here and while you’re all still applauding the oh-so-satisfying finale of Breaking Bad and at the same time dreading the impending shutdown of the U.S. government you may as well kill some time with a little reading:

1. White Out

I’ll have more on the series finale of Breaking Bad later today, but it’s not a big spoiler to say that, as expected, the show went out on a high note. The question now: what are we all going to do to fill the void left behind by the end of one of TV’s best shows ever?

Time: How To Cure Your Breaking Bad Withdrawal Symptoms/9.29.13

2. Sorry, We’re Closed

I’ll also have more to say on the all-but-guaranteed government shutdown a little later, but there’s no way it will be any more thorough and necessary than Jonathan Chait’s take on what’s about to happen to this country and exactly who’s to blame for it.

New York Magazine: The Debt-Ceiling Showdown Is the Fight of Obama’s Life/9.27.13

3. Response Time

Bob Beckel is a buffoon. As one of the few token liberal voices on Fox News, he’s every bit the ineffectual tomato can you’d expect. Plus he can be counted on to occasionally throw out an opinion that seems to be meant to endear himself to Roger Ailes. Last week, he made a really dumb comment on the air about Muslims — and it’s drawing some very strong reaction.

CNN: Fox Host Wants To Take Away My Rights/9.28.13

4. Barely A-live

If you missed the season premiere of Saturday Night Live over the weekend, you really didn’t miss much. The show’s practically limping right now after the departure of pretty much every member of the established cast. Sure, it’s cliché to pick on SNL anytime there’s a very pronounced personnel re-up, but having Tina Fey on as host to introduce the new people was both a great idea and a terrible one. She helped guide the newbies along and provided them a foil for some much-needed self-deprecation. But she also showed them up simply by being a living reminder of how funny the show was at one point — in contrast to what it’s like at the moment. (For God’s sake, Lorne, stop culling your talent almost exclusively from UCB.) See for yourself.

The Huffington Post: SNL Scorecard/9.29.13

Have a good week, kids.