Aaron Paul Guests on SNL, Continues Being Earth’s Most Delightful Person

First off: Rest assured, I’m not going to spoil the damn finale for you if you haven’t yet watched “Breaking Bad.” I just want to alert whomever missed the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” that Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad,” graces the lurching comedy death ship with his adorable presence in three sketches, the best of which was the cold opener. Speaking as “Jesse from New Mexico,” Paul tells a heartbreaking healthcare story about his friend who started cooking meth to pay his medical bills at a presidential press conference about Obamacare:

Host Tina Fey is also great in a sketch spoofing “Girls,” playing Blerta, an Armenian immigrant confused and disgusted by the “Girls” girls’ navel-gazing:

I do have something to say about the music in the “Breaking Bad” finale, so if you don’t even want to hear anything about that, stop reading.

Why didn’t Vince Gilligan use Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” instead of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue”? Too obvious? Too expensive? The lyrics would’ve worked just as well.