The Daily Banter Mail Bag: The End of the Tea Party, Ted Cruz’s Filibuster and Who Dated Quin Woodward Pu?

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Ben, Bob, and Chez discuss the end of the tea party, the Ted Cruz filibuster and who broke up with Quin Woodward Pu.

The questions:

1. Do you think Ted Cruz’s filibuster this week will be the final nail in the coffin of the tea party? The Republicans really seem to be turning against him now.

— DL

Ben: I’m not sure, but Cruz certainly helped. At some point, the GOP is going to have to get serious and cull these clowns from the party if they want to remain electorally relevant. It’s going to be incredibly messy given the hold they have on the party, but they need to go at some point. The party strategists and money men know they have a very serious problem, and if the Tea Party continues to drag the GOP into obscurity, I can see a huge dust up in the near future.

Chez: Not a chance. Cruz’s stupid stunt wasn’t aimed at anyone who reads this site — it was aimed at the people back home and the idiots watching Fox News. He’s bucking to become the new Barry Goldwater, to plant the flag of hardcore conservatism in the new millennium, and for the most part he succeeded. He couldn’t give a damn what the rest of the GOP thinks.

Bob: Not yet. But the mainstream Republicans are slowly backing away. I mean, Bob Corker went after Cruz on the floor yesterday and sounded like a Democrat — Corker’s home state is Tennessee! Pete King called Cruz a terrorist. McCain hit him for his ridiculous Nazi references. There’s something in the air.

2. What other book would you like to see Ted Cruz read on the floor of the Senate?

— Tricia

Chez: “Final Exit”

Bob: An eighth grade American government text book. He’d learn a lot. But considering how he didn’t understand Green Eggs & Ham, maybe he wouldn’t learn a damn thing.

Ben: 52 Shades of Grey.

3. OK, which one of you broke up with Quin Woodward Pu?

— Pete

Bob: I yield the balance of my time to my British colleague.

Chez: My money’s on Ben. He lives in DC and he can afford to give a girl who looks like a human tree trunk a break once in a while.

Ben: No comment.