Quin Woodward Pu Getting Her Own Reality Show in 5, 4, 3, 2 …..

As much of the internet now knows, relatively unknown DC blogger and in-training socialite Quin Woodward Pu published break up texts a ‘rando’ (random) sent her after going on a couple of dates, for it to then go viral in response to her craziness. Pu wrote a screed on her blog about the poor guy who had very politely texted her that he was not interested in a relationship (but wished her well), then claimed she had forwarded previous ‘sexts’ to his employers.

I wrote a piece about it yesterday (that apparently Pu has been reading – we have mutual(ish) friends) warning all men in DC not to go anywhere near her. The post went viral and has been seen over 22,000 times (and it’s still growing rapidly). The comments on her site and others who picked up the story have been brutal, and in many cases disgustingly offensive. Pu’s attractiveness and size are, at least in my books, completely off limits, particularly when it comes to men. It’s not OK to insult women for their looks, period.

Having said that, it’s fair game to call her out for what she is: a narcissistic, petty, attention seeker who could spend a good few years in therapy dealing with her alternating feelings of inadequacy and megalomania.

After going through her site ‘Little Black Blog’, and hearing her responses to the mini sensation, it is clear that Pu really is a complete monster – a  product of America’s bizarre sorority system, reality television, and status driven materialism. Seemingly completely unashamed by the public humiliation, Pu told the Huffington Post that the victim of her post “is safely and soundly still employed.” Apparently, the unidentified man has also been back in touch. “Let’s just say guys who like crazy bitches, like crazy bitches,” said Pu.


At the age of 26, Pu already has a ‘memoir’ appropriately named ‘Type A+’, (self) published with the following blurb (no doubt written by herself) on Amazon:

“When Quin Woodward Pu—a straight-A Asian-American extrovert from Georgia with a penchant for vodka, designer shoes, and older men—receives her acceptance letter from Johns Hopkins Medical School, she is forced to make a decision between giving up her hard-partying, man-eating ways and continuing her fabulous VIP lifestyle and pursuing a more glitzy and glamorous career. Type A+ is the memoir of her transition from MCAT-teaching pre-med free clinic volunteer to directionless, yet fabulous and resourceful, freelance writer.”

Her blog (probably one of the most confusing websites I’ve ever seen) is essentially one giant pantheon to herself – a random collection of her sexual escapades, links to ‘VIP’ events she has been to in DC, and showy charity work she is engaged in. In a post where she responds to a craigslist date request to a wedding, Pu writes about herself and her sorority sister:

  • We have strong party abilities. Not only are we excellent arm candy, but we can sustain all night long (but never overdo tastelessly), and hold intelligent, thought-provoking conversations. We’ve both done it with royalty, former Presidents, and rap stars. You could say we are utilitarian.

When she’s not holding thought-provoking conversations with former Presidents and rappers, Pu is also apparently a ‘communications specialist’ and ‘social media consultant’ (although there are no references on her site to any clients she has ever had or worked with). One thing is clear though, Pu is pretty good at promoting herself and has struck gold with her little outburst earlier this week.

Sadly, in America these days, Pu is pretty much guaranteed some sort of success. Media culture thrives on egomaniacal attention seekers desperate for their hour of fame. Acts of shameless self promotion are a television producer’s dream – people who are willing to engage in humiliating acts in public make viewing numbers guaranteed. The public has an insatiable appetite for train wreck television, and there’s no doubt Pu would do whatever it takes to keep the punters coming back.

Perhaps this article will spur a greedy little network executive to take a look at Pu and size her up for a reality show. If Pu is reading this, she’ll no doubt spread it to as many people as she can to speed up the process. The media industry is always on the hunt for the next Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie, and Pu has a real shot here. If Pu is smart, she’ll ‘accidentally’ leak a sex tape with another DC rando, have a fight with another DC socialite at a ‘VIP’ event, or engage some other equally embarrassing act in public.  The window of opportunity closes fast in the 24 hour news cycle, so Pu has to do something quickly. I’d obviously advise her not to – that type of fame is short lived and destructive, and it will no doubt all end in tears. But as Pu told InTheCapital: “I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, although I must say I was pleasantly startled with the velocity in which it arrived. When the lights get turned on, just be sure all your ducks are in a row”.

Pu has spent a life time waiting for a moment like this, and it’s unlikely she’ll let it slip through her fingers. Stay tuned, America.

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.