Warning All Men in DC: Do Not Date Quin Woodward Pu

Dating is rough. You like them, they don’t like you. You think you have great chemistry, they don’t. They like you, you don’t like them. They think you ‘connected’. You think they were a nightmare. Etc etc etc.

Anyone living in a city from the age of 23 upwards should have a relatively decent understanding that dating is akin to jumping out of a window and hoping someone left a mattress on the pavement below.  It’s messy, random, and pretty painful until you get lucky (and there are no guarantees of that either).

That’s why after two dates, you really shouldn’t expect much from someone you met drunk in a bar.

Quin Woodward Pu, a 26-year-old DC  resident and founder of a DC gossip blog called Little Black Blog, got dumped via text message after going out with a ‘rando’ (slang for random) twice, and was so infuriated she decided to publish the poor guy’s texts on her website and forward them to his boss.

Gawker has the complete run down, but here was the offending text message:

And here was Pu’s reply:

Pu penned a lengthy explanation on her blog as to why she decided to shame the guy (who sounded remarkably reasonable), that went something along the lines of “I’m really cool, I sleep with other men whenever I want, it’s my birthday”. Some excerpts:

Pu on her amazing sexual charm:

We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers.

Pu on really not being fussed about the rando:

When we parted that day, I didn’t think much of anything. In fact, I actually headed out to a bar to meet up with a former lover from 2012, with whom I may or may not entertain a few exchanges here and there. #timesbeing.

Pu on REALLY not being fussed about the rando:

Only two months ago did a writer describe me as such when asked about my relationship status: “she blushes, giggling a bit. Translation: Ms. Woodward Pu is quite happy being single.”

Damn straight.

In fact, Pu cared so little about the rando that she published all the texts on her blog and “screenshotted” them to his superiors.

Be warned, single men of DC. Do not date Quin Woodward Pu. Not that she cares, of course.

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Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.