Listening Post: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

There is no Edward Sharpe. He’s actually just a figment of L.A.-based musician Alex Ebert’s imagination, a character he wrote for a couple of stories. But once Ebert decided to begin writing songs with another musician who’d been kicking around L.A., Jade Castrinos, Edward Sharpe took shape and the rotating band of musicians that played with him became the Magnetic Zeros.

They’re gospel, they’re folk, they’re blues, they’re the kind of neo-hippie act anyone who inexplicably makes the trek to Bonnaroo every year loves all to hell. But, at the center of it all, there’s Ebert and his searingly passionate voice — his messianic Edward Sharpe character come to life — and it is, appropriately, a revelation.

Here’s Life Is Hard, performed live.

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