Chinese Man Gets New Nose Grown On His Head

While the image of 22 year old Chinese man Xiaolian might be disturbing to some, it is a testament to the power of modern science to do good that the young man has a chance at having a normal life after his nose got infected and badly damaged after a car accident. Doctors in the Fuzhou, Fujian province of China incredibly managed to sculpt a new nose for Xiaolian using a procedure called ‘flap prefabrication’ – a new reconstructive plastic surgery technique that has enormous potential. Surgeons have used the skin and cartilage from Xiaolian ribs and are transferring the cartilage up to his forehead. The process apparently takes some time as they have to  wait for the blood supply to flow properly to the new nose. The new nose will then be taken off his forehead and then attached in lieu of his damaged nose.

Apparently all is going well and Xiaolian is scheduled to have surgery in the near future.

(h/t the Daily Mail.)

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