The Morning Banter: Man’s Gets Drunk on Bread, Castles Cheaper than NYC Apartments, & Sarah Palin Attacks Fox!

Happy Tuesday people, and welcome to the Morning Banter – your one stop shop for pretty much everything you need to be clued in on (that is until we post more later on today of course…). Here’s what you should be talking about thus far, anyway:

1. Man Can Brew Beer In His Own Stomach

A very lucky/unfortunate (depending on how you look at it) 61 year old man from Texas  checked himself into the Emergency Room after getting completely wasted on…. absolutely nothing. After locking him in a room for 24 hours to see whether he was telling the truth, doctors figured out that the poor chap was indeed highly intoxicated due to ‘an overabundance of brewer’s yeast in his gut’. According to the doctors, the man’s intestinal tract was acting like his own internal brewery after getting a yeast infection called Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIt’s probably a bit frustrating getting drunk off your morning bagel, but it beats shelling out God knows how much money for beer and whiskey at your local bar.

NPR: Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut

2. Harvard Makes Education Free For Less Wealthy Families

With education costs soaring in America, the next generation of college kids face the prospect of saddling themselves and their families with a lifetime of debt. Normal fees are around $39,000/year at institutions like Harvard, making the prospect of going to elite universities a dim one for many low income students. While it isn’t complete a solution to the crisis, Harvard University’s recent announcement that undergraduate students from low-income families who earn under $60,000/year will pay no tuition is a very positive step. Bravo Harvard.

Harlem World: Harvard University Announcement: No tuition and no student loans

3. Massive Castles That Are Cheaper Than Crappy Apartments in NYC.

Which one would you prefer? A  12-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 12,916 square-foot castle with over 42 acres of land, a guesthouse, and stunning views of Touraine, France, or a 5-bedroom, 1,331-square-foot townhouse in the Bronx that has windows?

Hats off to Buzzfeed for a brilliant list of incredible castles that are cheaper than some nasty ass apartments in NYC.

BuzzFeed: 6 Castles That Cost Less Than An Apartment In NYC

4. Sarah Palin Goes After Co Worker Chris Wallace

After Chris Wallace announced on his show that Republicans had contacted him anonymously with research to oppose Sen. Ted Cruz’ idiotic plan to defund Obamacare, Sarah Palin took to twitter to call her fellow employee out demanding he ‘Release the GOP names encouraging you to trash @SenTedCruz’:

It’s not the most interesting of stories, but it is fun to watch idiotic Republicans going after each other.

Raw Story: Palin demands Fox News host turn over the GOP ‘cannibals’ who are trying to ‘trash’ Cruz 

UPDATE: As a very vigilant reader has pointed out, the BuzzFeed article is not correct. The price for the house pictured about is actually listed at $489,000, not $489,000,000. Thanks Buzzfeed…

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