Watch a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador Get Cut in Half in Brooklyn

A $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador was cut in half after crashing into a Mazda in the neighborhood of Mill Basin, Brooklyn this weekend. Apparently, the Lamborghini was designed to dissipate the energy from extreme impact by separating the safety cell with the driver in it from the rest of the car (which is what happened). The full footage of the crash shows that the driver of the Lamborghini was not at fault, having been cut off by the Sedan making a badly timed left turn:

It appears no one was hurt in the incident (or at least it hasn’t been reported), but judging from the aftermath, the Lamborghini is going to need a little repair work (via Jalopnik) :

While it wasn’t the Lamborghini driver’s fault, if you are stupid enough to buy a $400,000 car, you don’t deserve much sympathy if you crash it. Yes, this is America, and buying expensive shit is your God given right, but when over 50 million citizens are food insecure, it’s hard to give a damn about a rich dude breaking a toy that costs more than most people’s family home.

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