The Morning Banter: The Emmys, Class Warfare, and Walter White Privilege

Another Monday is here and it’s back to the wheel with you, gerbils. Here are a few things you can read this morning to hopefully deaden the pain.

1. Gold Rush

Here’s a wrap-up of the big winners and losers at last night’s Emmys, as Matt Zoller Seitz live-blogged the whole thing. More than a few big surprises.

Vulture: Matt Zoller Seitz Live-Blogs the 2013 Emmys/9.22.13

Also, Prada or not, as expected Lena Dunham looked like she killed the checkout girl at an Urban Outfitters in Silverlake just before getting dressed for the show.

2. Classholes

Your must-read for the day: Jonathan Chait eloquently takes apart, piece by piece, the class war being waged by the Republicans in Congress and the naked hypocrisy at the center of their claims of wanting to stop government spending.

New York Magazine: Republicans: We Were Too Nice to the Hungry, But We’ve Fixed That/9.21.13

3. Walter White Privilege

While it bothers me to link to anything posted at Salon these days, you know by now that I look at the site and its ceaseless flow of ridiculous, hyper-liberal outrage porn the same way Matt Taibbi looks at Tom Friedman’s stuff: I just can’t take my eyes off it. Six months ago, Salon published an almost unfathomably silly piece lamenting the gender politics of The Walking Dead, the “problematic” white patriarchy on display within its story of dead people rising from the grave to kill the living. Now, of course, comes the same kind of predictable, tiresome dissertation on Breaking Bad, with a Salon contributor bemoaning both the lack of diversity on the show and finding at the center of its story a moral about what happens when white privilege is upended. I’m not sure I recommend actually reading this crap. I just thought I’d make you aware of its existence.

Salon: “Breaking Bad’s” Racial Politics: Walter White, Angry White Man/9.22.13

4. Dennis Weary Ineffectual former congressman and newly minuted Fox News liberal tomato can Dennis Kucinich is demanding transparency from the government on Syria, but he’s failing to mention his own relationship with Bashar al-Assad.

NSFWCorp: Shadowy Like a Fox/9.22.13

5. Apollo Landing

Metallica played the legendary Apollo in Harlem on Saturday night. Here’s what it looked and sounded like.

Spin: A Rage in Harlem/9.22.13

Have a good one, folks.

Chez Pazienza was the beating heart of The Daily Banter, sadly passing away on February 25, 2017. His voice remains ever present at the Banter, and his influence as powerful as ever.