The Morning Banter: Space and Time May Not Exist, McCain Disses Putin And The End of Apple?

It’s Thursday morning people, and there are things you need to know. So welcome to today’s Morning Banter, where we do our best to fill you in on what you should be talking about:

1. Physicists discover a jewel-like geometric object the challenge notion that space and time exist

Get ready to get your mind blow. Apparently physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object called an ‘amplituhedron’ that ‘dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions’ and challenges the notion that space and time ‘are fundamental components of reality’. What does that mean in plain English? I’m not exactly sure, but from what I can gather, it renders a lot of very interesting work on the universe and how it works (like string theory and quantum field theory) don’t really mean anything given space and time may not exist anyway. It also throws a wrench in the whole Big Bang theory that stipulates the universe had a beginning (and therefore and end). The discovery of the amplituhedron could mean that the universe actually arose out of pure geometry.


Quanta Magazine: A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

2. John McCain Blasts Vladimir Putin in Russian Newspaper

John McCain, who will do literally anything to satiate his desire for drama and conflict, has taken it upon himself to blast Vladimir Putin in the pages of Russian news site Pravda. Responding to an Op  Ed Putin Putin wrote in the NYTimes warning against military intervention in Syria and American exceptionalism, McCain accused Putin “destroying” Russia’s reputation and making her “a friend to tyrants and an enemy to the oppressed, and untrusted by nations that seek to build a safer, more peaceful and prosperous world.” Relations between the US and Russia haven’t been exactly great recently, so I’m sure Obama will be really grateful for McCain’s latest attempts at diplomacy…

Fox News insider: Senator McCain op-ed in Russian newspaper Pravda

3. Boxer Ken Norton Dies Aged 70

Sadly, Ken Norton passed away last night. Norton beat Muhammed Ali (once in three fights) and broke his jaw. He also and fought heavyweight legends like Larry Holmes, George Foreman, and Gerry Cooney. Norton was never an all time great, but he was a very good fighter in the golden era of heavyweight boxing. Norton finished with his career with a very respectable record of 42-7-1 and 33 knockouts. After boxing, Norton became an actor and was supposed to play Apollo Creed in Rocky before pulling out.

NYTimes: Ken Norton, a Championship Fighter Who Broke Ali’s Jaw, Is Dead at 70 

4. Is Apple Becoming Irrelevant?

An interesting piece in the BBC argues Apple’s shift towards price competition (see the latest iPhone lite) could turn the revolutionary company into a standard commodity seller – everything Steve Jobs stood against.

BBC: The end of Apple as we know it?

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