The Hugo Boss Nazi Insult that Got Russell Brand Ejected From GQ After Party

Russell Brand was apparently ejected from the ‘GQ Men Of The Year Awards’ after party last week after he made jibes onstage about the event’s sponsors Hugo Boss and their historical links to the Nazis. You have to give it to Brand – going on stage flanked by huge Hugo Boss logos and then ripping into the company that built much of its wealth from Nazi contracts and prisoner of war labor, was not only hilarious but pretty ballsy. Celebrities rarely do anything to piss off advertisers for fear of losing out on lucrative contracts. Sure, they might go on a political rant or two, but showing disdain for corporate giants can get you blacklisted from making a living. Brand didn’t just piss off Hugo Boss, he offended GQ – a major endorser of what is cool and what is not.

Nice to see some real rebels still exist:

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