The Morning Banter: “Up Yours” with Alec Baldwin, and a Moment of Silence for Sarah Silverman’s Dog

Here’s what you should be reading this morning. Why? Why the hell not? Beats starting at the clock waiting for the weekend to begin.

1. Up Yours

Alec Baldwin officially has a show on MSNBC. It’s called “Up Late” — not to be confused with “Up,” “All In” or any of the other shows whose names sound like muscular affirmations aimed at actually willing MS’s ratings to rise — and it’ll begin airing at 10pm on Friday nights in October. Let’s hope it’s a call-in show. Imagine how special you’ll feel being able to get Baldwin on the phone to shout that you’re a rude little pig. Come to think of it, if they really wanted to continue with the “Up” motif, why didn’t they just call the show “Fuck You Up?” or “Put My Foot Up Your Fucking Ass?”

The Huffington Post: Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC Show Announced: Actor Will Host ‘Up Late’/9.5.13

2. Media Blitz

The New York Times and AP both say they’re going to continue calling the Washington Redskins the Washington Redskins. Despite the fact that the word “redskins” really is offensive as hell, should there ever have been a question as to whether two of the most powerful news organizations in the country were going to continue to refer to an organization by its given name? It’s not incumbent upon the Times to lead the charge for change; it’s incumbent upon it to report the facts. Now, if the Redskins had changed their name to Chelsea Manning and declared that they were a woman…

Forbes: New York Times, AP Will Keep Using ‘Redskins’ Name, For Now/9.4.13

3. Lost Dog

Sarah Silverman’s dog died. Her tribute to him just might make you get all pissed-off over that piece of dust that just floated into your eye.

Vulture: You May Get Misty-Eyed Reading Sarah Silverman’s Note About Her Dead Dog, Duck/9.5.13

4. Heartbreak-in

Speaking of surprisingly moving stuff, here’s something passed along to me by a friend. The headline says it all.

The Irritable Vowel/ To the Drug Addict Who Broke Into My Car at Dragon Con/9.5.13

Have a good day, kids. And a better weekend.

Chez Pazienza was the beating heart of The Daily Banter, sadly passing away on February 25, 2017. His voice remains ever present at the Banter, and his influence as powerful as ever.