The Morning Banter: Syria Crisis Perspective, BuzzFeed on Steroids & Anthony Weiner vs a Racist!

It’s Thursday morning and only one more day of staring at your screen till the weekend. Sure, you have work to do, but who cares about that? Read more crap on the internet! It’s much more fun.

Anyways, here’s what’s happening in the world today:

Obama’s (Potential) Quagmire in Syria 

The internet has been ablaze with opposing views on Obama’s pledge to attack Syria, particularly here at the Banter where we’re divided on the President’s motivation and rationale for going to war in the Middle East again. Regardless of whether you think it’s a good idea, the political realities of the crisis are undeniable. If America topples Assad, a militant Islamist government would likely take its place. If Assad stays, he will no doubt find ways to fight back making a prolonged engagement inevitable. Obama might want limited strikes, but forces at home are demanding a wider engagement. Andrew Sullivan has been deeply critical of Obama’s pledge to go to war, warning an ensuing quagmire would be massively damaging to his legacy. Money quote:

Obama made a foolish pledge to go to war if chemical weapons are used and now his bluff has been called by Assad.

It may soon be called by Tehran too. And what then, Mr president, what then? Do you have the fortitude to stand down and truly transform American foreign policy? Or, when push comes to shove, are you actually weaker than McCain and Clinton – and your legacy will be not doomed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but doomed wars in Syria and Iran?

The Dish: The Joke On The Hill 

BuzzFeed Turning Into Monster Media Company

An interesting read on Paidcontent about the rapidly growing ‘listicle’ website that saw a whopping  85 million unique visitors in August. Apparently, BuzzFeed doesn’t just want to run posts on cute kittens – it wants to be a serious new media company that takes on the biggest players in the game. This is no LOL matter…

Paid Content: BuzzFeed is the media industry’s worst nightmare — profitable, growing and investing in news

Douchebag Anthony Weiner Gets into Epic Row With Racist Douchebag 

Anthony Weiner found himself in yet another embarrassing situation on the Mayoral campaign trail, getting into a nasty row with a racist Jewish man in a Borough Park, Brooklyn on Wednesday morning. The unidentified man called Weiner out in a bakery shop for being a “scum bag” and “married to an Arab”. In true Weiner form, the serial sexter blew up and started frothing at the mouth (or spitting bits of the Jewish pastry he was eating) making himself more and more unlikeable in the process.  The confrontation happens around 4.45:

Are Modern Environmentalists As Dangerous to the Environment as Climate Change Deniers?

In a fascinating interview with Naomi Klein, the ‘Shock Doctrine’ author explains how the environmental movement has been co-opted by free market capitalism, specifically Cap and Trade and Corporate Partnerships. The results have been disastrous and Klein argues that only the direct confrontation of capitalism has a chance of significantly bringing down carbon emission.

Salon: Naomi Klein: Green groups may be more damaging than climate change deniers

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