10 Most Controversial Topics Ever

This is a repost of a topic we covered in the Morning Banter, but I thought it deserved its own post as it’s a pretty interesting. As I wrote earlier, a pretty in-depth study (PDF) of Wikipedia has discovered that while many topics are written about, edited, then re-edited, some go through literally thousands of “reverts” ( the study defines a “revert” as when an ‘editor undoes another editor’s edit completely and brings it to the version exactly the same as the version before the last version’.) While the study was conducted over several language versions of Wikipedia, the authors believed that The English Wikipedia, in particular, “occupies a unique role” given it is “edited by a broad community beyond simply that have the language as a mother tongue.”  As a result, the authors believe that the English language version of Wikipedia is the best representative of the most controversial topics ever. The study (link above) is worth reading in full, but here are the top 10:

 1. George W. Bush

2. Anarchism

3. Muhammed.

4. Professional wrestlers and their stats.

5. Global Warming.

6. Circumcision.

7. US.

8. Jesus.

9. Race and IQ.

10. Christianity.

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