Twitter: #it’sbrilliant #Ilikeprivacy #leavemealone #I’macelebrity

I’m not sure if, when Twitter first became popular, anyone had any idea that celebrities would find it so bloody exciting. Who knew that they cared so much about their ‘fans’ that they would want to update them on every aspect of their life? (#boring) Or, put another way, who knew celebrities liked talking about themselves so much?

It could be seen as a great forum for us regular folk to get in touch with people we would never normally meet to say hi.

Or it could be that it serves as the greatest ego-boost known to mankind.

Justin Bieber has over 41 million followers.

Lady Gaga has 39 million.

That’s an awful lot of people who hang on two people’s every word.

Alec Baldwin recently had a slight altercation with someone on Twitter who accused his wife, Hilaria of tweeting through James Gandolfini’s funeral service and has since quit the social networking site, whilst also being pretty threatening towards the accuser.

Others have used Twitter to vent their frustration at being followed by the paparazzi or how stories have popped up that are false. #ironic

And through Twitter we now have instagram and that brings me on to ‘selfies,’ the art of taking a picture of oneself and posting it for all to see (normally on a beach/private jet/with another celebrity). Is that because they are taking control of their image instead of being papped walking out of a grocery store?

Celebrities, intent on protecting their privacy when it suits (#picky), are treading a fine line. They want to share their privileged life (‘look at me on this boat’ #awesome) when it suits, but when it comes to selling their latest heartbreak/weight loss/new album/film to promote they’ll be first in line at the weekly celebrity magazines with a quick mention of how their life is a constant challenge of dodging gossip and sneaky photographers. Can they have it both ways?

The answer is probably no. But will that stop them complaining? #youwish. As long as Twitter is a public social networking site, people can’t complain. If celebrities post endless pictures of themselves with a new haircut or on their holiday on their Twitter page for their followers to see (and the rest), they know they are doing it for self-exposure (and not the rude, flasher kind). If someone has over 40 million followers they are clearly popular and that means that yes, Justin Bieber, you will be chased by photographers, you will be scrutinized and you will probably moan about it. A lot (#Idon’tcare).

You can’t have your cake and eat it. That’s a known #fact.