The Monday Morning Banter

In an effort to ensure that I never sleep anymore, since I live on the West Coast, Banter jefe Ben Cohen has decided to draft me to present you with a little morning reading twice a week. In other words, beginning today, on Monday and Friday we’ll be posting a few links that I’ve chosen and deemed to be required reading to start your day (or at least something worth taking a look at).

So without further unnecessary exposition, let’s get this inaugural edition of the Morning Banter underway.

1. In case you missed it, over the weekend Glenn Greenwald once again proved his stellar cred as a journalist who checks and double-checks his facts by smugly, petulantly lashing out at Daniel Serwer of Serwer had the temerity to criticize the fact that Greenwald is essentially just shilling for Ed Snowden at this point rather than behaving like a detached and dispassionate journalist and Greenwald of course responded as he usually does, with a snotty attack. Thing is, during this attack Greenwald made a really stupid assumption about Serwer — a guy who happens to be the father of Mother Jones and MSNBC’s Adam Serwer and whose personal credentials are pretty spectacular — and was promptly put in his place for it by a lot of people. He’d later go on to try to brush it off by saying that, well, so what? He was mean to somebody’s dad on Twitter, who cares? Except that it’s not about his typically obnoxious go-to response to being criticized in any way; that, we’re used to. It’s more about the fact that he couldn’t even be bothered to fact-check before running off at the mouth. Actually, now that I think about it, we’re used to that as well.

Little Green Footballs: Greenwald Lashes Out at Adam Serwer’s Dad

2. More stuff to get angry over for those opposed to any kind of operational security: the records with the details of the Bin Laden raid have been moved to CIA purview, keeping them away from basically everybody.

Talking Points Memo: Bin Laden Raid Records Sheilded from Public in Secret Move

3. Speaking of those opposed to any kind of operational security, and basically anything else supposedly associated with our big, bad surveillance and security state, here’s former MSNBC pundit Jeff Cohen bitching about how much he hates Obama and his former network. Incidentally, if you read enough Cohen he’ll always go back to complaining about the treatment he received at MS as a staunch liberal during the lead-up to the Iraq war — namely that both he and Phil Donahue were canned for not getting onboard the war train. There absolutely was a push at MS to “outFox” Fox News during those days. But I was also there at the time and can tell you that Cohen was let go not so much because he was an advocate for unpopular left-wing politics but because he was — and still is — an insufferable jackass.

The Huffington Post: How Do You Know Obama Is Lying? MSNBC Won’t Tell You

4. This is actually from a couple of days ago, but it’s still quite a bit of fun: Test your knowledge of movie presidents by matching the speech to the fictional leader of the free world (usually as the world is about to be hit by a comet/meteor/alien attack/manmade global catastrophe).

New York Magazine’s “Vulture”/Match the Movie President To His Speech

5. And finally, if you haven’t yet seen Justin Timberlake’s new video — the one that was pulled from Vevo then put back up — you should. Yeah, it’s got female nudity in it, but it’s done in a way that puts that idiot Robin Thicke’s utterly misogynistic and douchebaggy nudity firmly in its place.

New York Magazine’s “Vulture”/Justin Timberlake’s “Tunnel Vision” Got Yanked