Top 5 Stupidest BuzzFeed Top 10 Lists of the Week (And It’s Only Tuesday…)

Gots to love the BuzzFeed…the team at ‘LOL’ central are off to a rollicking start this week and have polluted the web-o-sphere with some real gems. Here are the top 5 stupidest top 10 lists thus far (and incredibly it’s only Tuesday):

1. The 25 Most Powerful “I Want It That Way” Hand Movements

Astonishingly, someone at the office had to actually freeze frame Back Street Boy music videos and create GIFs like this:

24. The We’re Actually Letting Kevin Sing

2. 8 Amazing Non-American Summer Songs Of 2013

Countries outside of America make music? Really?

3. The 25 Most Epic Cat Beards Of All Time

Yep, you can always count on cats to keep the punters coming….

4. 20 Types Of People In Line For The Midnight Movie

An incredibly useful list that included: ‘The Closet Superfans’,’The Overtired Children’, ‘The Old People’, and ‘The Over-Prepared’. Or in other words, different types of people.

5. 25 Things You Probably Forgot About MTV’s Beach House 2003

Most people have already forgotten about MTV’s Beach House. And for good reason. But in case you wanted to know, the good folk at BuzzFeed wanted to remind you that:

4. Quddus, LaLa, and Damien Fahey were also on hosting duty:

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