Top 5 Stupidest BuzzFeed Top 10 Lists of The Week

You have to give it to BuzzFeed – their ability to churn out ‘top 10’ lists defies anything the internet has ever known before. There is certainly a skill to compiling completely meaningless lists (as we’re doing here), and it’s about time the much laughed at media company got some credit for making everyone more stupid.

This week, the team at BuzzFeed have really worked hard to swamp the tubes with gratuitous nonsense, giving us top-something lists on a host of topics only seriously ADHD creative people could come up with.

Here’s a round up of their best pieces:

1.“21 Reasons Johnny Depp And Winona Ryder Should Get Back Together”

Reason number 9 is particularly persuasive:

2. “27 Reasons Deep Dish Pizza Is Better Than All Other Pizzas”

Seriously, they came up with 27 ways of saying this:

3. “16 Sassy Tweets From The Nation’s 16th Largest School District”

Yes, you read that correctly. It has actually inspired a couple of posts I’m working on – “167 facebook photos from the 167th best tennis player in DC”, and “56 text messages from the 56th ranked college in America”.

Not that we’re desperate for content or anything.

4. “15 Reasons You Totally Looked Up To Conor Oberst In High School”

1. He’s sensitive.

Who is Conor Oberst?

5. “23 Signs You’re Too Obsessed With Your Person” 

Amazingly, BuzzFeed found another way to do a big list about kittens:

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