The McDonald’s Buys Burger King Twitter Disaster

I wasn’t actually aware that there was a difference between the two fat and shitty-meat distributing corporations, but this was pretty funny. From GigaOM:

Even by the standards of social media fiascos, this one’s a doozy. On Monday, Burger King’s official Twitter feed announced the chain had been sold to its rival and began posting pro-McDonald’s messages and tales of employee drug use.

The strange Twitter activity took place after hackers apparently took control of Burger King’s account and replaced its name and image with the McDonald’s logo

Here’s the image from Burger King’s twitter feed:

The Burger King account was apparently under hacker control until Twitter suspended the account at around 1.15 pm ET after having posted a number of hilarious tweets including this one:

Burger King has since apologized for the episode, releasing the following statement to the Chicago Tribune:

“We apologize to our fans and followers who have been receiving erroneous tweets about other members of our industry and additional inappropriate topics”

In a show of fastfood solidarity, McDonald’s tweeted:

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