Tory Government to Abolish ID Cards

While I’m no fan of their economic policies, the Tories are spot on when it comes to civil liberties and the awful New Labour ID card scheme. From the Guardian:

The £4.5bn national identity card scheme is to be scrapped within 100

days, the home secretary, Theresa May, announced today.


15,000 identity cards already

issued are to be cancelled without any refund of the £30 fee to holders

within a month of the legislation reaching the statute book.


the cards and associated register will be the first piece of

legislation introduced to parliament by the new government. May said the

identity documents bill will invalidate all existing cards.

For a list of the extremely positive steps the new coalition government is taking to restore many of the civil liberties stomped on by the Labour government, check out Glenn Greewald’s summary. Greenwald is particularly impressed with the Tory/Liberal government’s pledge to prevent the misuse of the anti terrorism legislation that has given the government the right to take away rights of suspected terrorists and place whole communities under suspicion. ,

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